Adam Strug, the legendary polish singer, explorer and performer an old polish religious and secular songs from the Lomza district and Kurpie Zielone regions of Poland. As a leader, Adam performs in four formations:

Duo with hurdy-gurdy
Medieval and traditional kurpian folk songs arranged for  hurdy-gurdy and solo voice.

Ensemble Monodia Polska

‘Monodia’ means singing in unison a capella or with an accompaniment of traditional instruments such as a hurdy-gurdy. The ensemble rejects major-minor scales, which since the 18th century has dominated keyboard and operatic conventions. They reconstructed ancient chants and early music by using ancient musical scales, the original ways of performing, and vocal manners, that were saved by the oral tradition of folk artists. The oral tradition continued by “monodia” includes the songs of polish chivalry, baroque and eighteenth century prayers, romantic devotional songs, and various folk songs that express reverence and devotion to god.

Adam Strug + Kwadrofonik – polish funeral songs from XVII century

Adam Strug Kompania –  a company of musicians playing songs written by Adam, based on his own poems, influented by polish folklore, and rembetico.